Aidos Kuneen (ADK) Information

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What is ADK?

Aidos Kuneen is a crypto currency developed by Ricardo Badoer. It makes use of the directed acyclic graph (DAG) technology adopted by IOTA and ByteBall. Both the unit and abbreviation are ADK.

Further information regarding ADK

How to buy ADK

ADK has not been dealt in ordinary exchanges yet so we need to buy ADK on their own Aidos Market.

There are still several problems such as “NO DEAL” and “NOT ABLE TO ACCESS”. If you see these errors, it means the Aidos Market is currently undergoing maintenance so we have to wait patiently until they finish. It may take minutes or hours.

About ADK exchange [Aidos Market]

A point of reminder for the Aidos Market:
If you would like to ask the admin about an issue, please generate a ticket before you inquire them directly.

How to generate a ticket

1.Click the mail icon

2. In case if you have a problem with deposit, you choose "deposit"

The problem of deposit(Although you can see deposit is completed but it doesn’t reflect to your wallet)

*Put your ID,TXID and the lack amount of BTC on your ticket.

*Use English and exact title with a ticket number.

*Please verify that the amount you are inquring about, because if it doesn’t match with your account customer support will not be able to do anything.

*If you are still unable to get your situation resolved. Please try to message the administrators in Slack, or Telegram.

Sometimes if you buy ADK via the market price, you might end up paying a higher price then you need to. Please use LIMIT order to get the best possible rate.

Send ADK to your wallet

Aidos Wallet

How to install and use Aidos Wallet

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Aidos Kuneen





ADK roadmap and milestones


ADK foundation

Code change[STEP-2]

White paper


Issued 200million ADK

$ 100 million

Buying a bank(there is a possibility they will change the schedule)

Current moves of ADK(up until 10/11)

ADK team

Ricardo Badoer (DON)

Aidos Foundation founder


UAB Mistertango

ADK in press

##quotations from DON

Conversations with DON

【investor】Don,will you accept american citizen for anon. debidcard?

Don , will you accept american citizen for anon. debidcard?
i ask you this , because USA accused swiss private banks, and some swiss private banks were destoyed. america will maybe be a big risk for ADK in the future, i think.
i want to listen to your opinion.

【Don】This is something that we are working on with the EU bank.

this is something that we are working on With the EU bank. We want to make it possible. But for sure it will be possible in our African banking or have to understand ADK is not the same as the projects we build around it.for example no country can bann ADK or BTC etc.but we need to be carefull with our banking projects as they are offcourse real life business.USA citizens are little bit the unwanted group in offshore banking at the moment because USA does demand alot from the banks that accept americans

【investor】I want to ask one thing now.

Oh Don , I want to ask one thing now. Are you plannning to make online banking system all ? Or, use outsourcing or buy some system?? I ask this question , because it needs so much time and tech to make it all,I guess. Id like to know , if I can.

【Don】about online banking question.

about your online banking question. The banks we are taking over are in Africa , Eastern Europe. They do not have best online banking system :disappointed: . So our plan is offcourse to hire big name syste providers to setup top of the linke online banking. We want to be in the same level as big name banks
We already have been in talk With English / Swedish Company that has done system for Swedish bank and other European banks
As for Debit cards, once again this is somethin the banks lack. But the person I have on my banking team has very good relation with Master Card and VISA
And it will not be any problems


Hi, don.
I’m so curious about both your vision and you.
why do you want to create such as the Bank and Bank system
what is your main reason or purpose to create it.

【Don】Thank you for the question.

thank you for the question. I will try to keep my answer short. I have spent alot of years in banking as business advisor for several offshore banks and also worked on big name banks as well . I know their weakness, the banks are spoiled. They make tons of Money on Mortgage, Credit and currency . They did forget about the core of banking . To offer clients how small they might be the chance to have debit card and bank account. Banks are cutting down on personal service. If any bank start to look into the small " people " they will make shit loads of Money. I did present my vision of using digital currency to the banks so they could:

  1. Offer remote banking to people who do not have access to banking . 2 billion are without banking ! Also we know tons of freelancers in India, Pakistan do not have banking option
  2. Offshore banking for High net individuals that want to keep their Money safe. As Our bank will not need to do risky investments. it will just keep your Money Safe as all banks should but do not. 90% of your Money in any bank is used to make the bank tons of Money and the risk is on you
  3. keeping operation cost down, No need for Swift transfers

Unconfirmed information from DON

donrico77 [10/14 8:04 PM]
but is in step2 and we are 70 % done.

donrico77 [10/14 7:26 PM]
I would say within one year we will have all banks we want and we will have all under same network.

donrico77 [10/10 8:09 AM]
Bitcoin will not be easy to catch and I have some lonterm plans for making it happen. But we are talking around 2 years down the line

donrico77 [10/9 5:10 AM]
We are slowly re writing the IOTA codes to our own . So we will be 100% also the white paper will explain several solutions we have to 33% problem and also how Aidos is 100% decenteralized and how it will work in banking

donrico77 [10/9 2:00 AM]
no name on the card and nothing on the chip or strip. So when you use ATM or babs machine your name will not be stored and you can not be " traced "

donrico77 [10/9 1:53 AM]
You would not be able to open bank account without info. You will need to present your Passport and proof of adress. But We are working on making no name debit card. I think you understand what that means

donrico77 [10/9 1:46 AM]
Aidos can be traded with fiat pair and Aidos holders can have bank account and debit card. So no need for Aidos ATM . they use any ATM that accepts master card

donrico77 [10/7 10:01 PM]
we have 10M ADK left give and take couple of 100k . They will be sold very slowly and to highest price as possible . I have clear picture of how much the whole banking network ( Bank in Africa, Europe and Asia ) is going to cost us. So that will be our goal . Foundation will only sell now when banking news is official and we see prices around 10-12 USD

donrico77 [9/29 3:36 AM]
yes 5 ADK so in 1.5 year it is worth 5000 USD

donrico77 [9/3 10:44 PM]
WE WILL BE IN TOP 3. Mark My words
it is just question of when

donrico77 [9/1 12:24 AM]
we will have a fully licensed working bank with existing clients. Thanks to your support we will have network of them.
I am pulling all my Contacts to make Everything happen as fast as possible and we buy banks that will be bargain and with our business plan . they will be big in 2-3 years

donrico77 [8/31 4:09 AM]
We will soon sign for 25 % of a bank in Europe And one bank in Africa and slowly we will buy rest of the shares until we have 51% should be in Control within 4-5 months!

donrico77 [8/29 10:42 PM]
Selling at this price until we make first bank official
then I am sure the price will shoot to 15-20 USD at least

donrico77 [8/29 7:44 AM]
you will be able to open bank account in Euros , USD and so on. You will have Debit card, You can sell your ADK and get the balance in your account in seconds

donrico77 [8/28 6:45 AM]
In 3-4 weeks there will be big big news
then not even the haters will change side

donrico77 [8/27 12:25 AM]
The plan has Always been to have the investment
companies come in at around 6-12 USD.
They will never dump and they will start
Selling slowly when they have 6-7 X times profit.

donrico77 [8/24 11:03 PM]
They know what is coming ( banking , Casino )
and know that ADK will be 50-60 USD short term
and 300-500 USD longterm.

donrico77 [8/24 9:06 PM]
But I can tell you ,
We will have big big big big big news
in couple of weeks. lets say 1 month or so

donrico77 [8/22 10:44 PM]
for christmas I want ADK at 30-35 USD

donrico77 [8/21 11:38 PM]
the Exchange order book needs work.
but this is short term solution .
Our plan is to have the Exchange
implemented via the bank online banking site

Frequently asked questions about ADK

"There is no objective evidence."
→ADK has made a partnership with(MisterTango).

ADK has stolen the code of IOTA.
→It is open source and anyone can use it if he or she puts the credit(ADK will change the code itself into the 100% original code in phase2.)

Original exchange only
→(the middle size exchanges, such as livecoin or liqui, will list ADK.At least one of them will list ADK in Novenber.)

Exchange doesn’t function well
→(It usually functions but sometimes it is not online and fixed.)

There is no whitepaper
→(Whitepaper is actually done. It will be published after the code is changed into 100% original one.)

They can not achieve their vision because the project scale is too big.
→It will have been done gradually and surely in the future.

ADK will be used for tax evasion and money londering.
→It could be used,but they do not recommend those.